Hiring a carpet cleaning company

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We wanted to share some tips on how to hire a professional company to clean your carpets. While carpet cleaning may not seem that complex, we’ve heard a number of stories about home owners that hired a company that wound up paying a lot more to repair the damage that the company had caused. It’s important to do your research when hiring any company from the internet so we wanted to give you some basic tips that will help you out.

First and foremost, we are really big on looking up company reviews on any social platform that is available. When you type in a companies name into the search engines, their reviews should pop up by their company name. This is a great place to start but we recommend taking it further than just what you see from the initial search engine results. Luckily for consumers companies like Yelp, Facebook, and Google Plus, have made it extremely easy to research consumer reviews on businesses. We recommend checking out all of these different websites and seeing what consumers have said about the services they received from the business. Usually, most companies that have good reviews on one platform will have good reviews on all of the other, but sometimes that’s just not the case. We’ve heard of companies paying other people to leave positive reviews on their accounts to give off the impression that they are the best choice. With the more advanced platforms such as Google, it is getting harder and harder to get fake reviews because they now can see area that the review came from, and if it’s not local, chances are it’s not going to stick.

After you’ve reviewed the company that your going to hire, it’s time to call them and ask them some specific questions. Usually a solid company will ask you these questions, but just in case they don’t, we wantedt you to be aware of the questions that should be asked. First of all, we recommend giving them the details of how many rooms you’ll need cleaned and how many hallways you’ll need cleaned. A good company will ask you what kind of condition the carpet is in regarding stains, pet odors, and anything else that might be wrong with the carpet. The reason for this is because companies will charge different amounts depending on what the problem is. Pet odor stains are hard to get out, take a lot more work, and will be pricier than just a normal carpet cleaning. It’s important that the company you’re hiring asks you these questions and if they don’t you might want to move on to the next one.

We know these tips might seem like common sense but every day people are getting burned by companies that don’t know what they’re doing. If you follow the steps we’ve provided you can easily weed out the companies that probably won’t do a great job for you. By checking consumer reviews and qualifying the company with the questions from above, we know you can hire the right carpet cleaning company with confidence. This post has been brought to you by Tempe Roofing in Tempe, AZ. Tempe Roofing advocates for educating consumers on being able to pick reputable companies that will do a good job for them and we are grateful to them for their efforts.


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