What is the carpet cleaning blog? Lets get started!

Posted on 11/08/2016 By

If you found your way to this wonderful blog, it’s most likely because you’ve come for answers regarding carpet cleaning. Perhaps you’re looking for tips on how to get a stain out, or perhaps you’re looking for the best type of carpet cleaning machine you can get. Whatever you’re looking for, hopefully we can cover ALL of your carpet cleaning needs here.

As I discussed on my about page, I am a mother of four so I have been cleaning carpets and getting tough stains out of carpets for many years. On top of having children, I also have pets (2 dogs and 1 cat to be exact!) so cleaning is nothing new to me. I’ve tried dozens of carpet cleaning machines and vacuums because I was part of a “test” group that was able to test out different types of cleaning machines and cleaning products. Through years of testing I’ve definitely learned a lot about the various products on the market and can give you all some pretty good insights.

On top of my product testing knowledge, my husband has owned a carpet cleaning business for 20 years. Through his business we’ve learned about everything you can possibly know about carpet cleaning, stain removal, and upholstery cleaning. Lucky for you all, we are both here to answer any questions you have, and there’s not a lot of questions we won’t know the answer to. We want to welcome you all to this blog, please feel free to ask us any questions through our contact page!


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