What’s the Ideal Massage Chair for a Tall Person?

News 03:05 May 2020:

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While it is true that being tall is quite attractive, this could also be a daunting trait that one needs to be watchful of. A tall person is nice to behold for having a model-like height; however, being above the average height can be disadvantageous particularly when some products are made without considering your height.

Luckily, if you’re one of those who are endowed with above average height, you can still get the ideal massage chair for you.  There are massage devices at present that are engineered for and could perfectly accommodate tall people and even those with larger body physique. The good news is that even if you’re taller than six feet, there is a massage device model that suits you best.

Indeed, having a massage device is a wise investment. The evident reason for this is because a wonderfully-made massage device won’t only help you save more time visiting spas and massage parlors but it could also help you set aside some money for future use. It may hurt your pocket when you purchase it, but the ample amount of health benefits definitely worth its costly price.

A therapeutic massage aids users handle various health concerns like anxiety, pressure and different body pains and illnesses. Most massage chairs are designed in Asian nations where an average person’s height is average and not more than six feet. Hence, the most excellent massage device for a tall person is deemed as a necessity in other areas of the world.

So, if you have above average height and you’re currently searching to buy a massage device, you might be anxious to wonder if there is a perfect massage device that is available for your needs. Moreover, people who have above average height might have trouble thinking that there is no massage device that will be ideal for their body types.

If you’re height is over six feet, you can check out a real relax massage chair recliner for you!

This model is a perfect choice for tall person as it is especially engineered for those who have different body types and above average height. For a fact, it is regarded as a very rigid contender for the title of the most outstanding massage device for tall people.

In addition, the real relax massage device is one of the most sought after models as it provides massage techniques to people that possess all distinct body types. It also offers shiatsu massage that is equipped with foot rollers and heat that makes it even a better option for tall people.

What are the features of a real relax massage chair?

  • It is designed with a waist heater. This intends to stimulate circulation of the blood in the body and enhance metabolism.
  • This model comes with an arm linkage system that has airbag extrusion massage capability and an arm clip is fixed on it.
  • There are a total of 8 massage rollers that are located inside the backrest, it could offer exhaustive body shiatsu massage and equipped with sturdy foot rollers.
  • It comes with electric zero gravity that enables the chair to stretch out at any angle so to provide a professional and out-of-the-ordinary massage experience. You could easily adjust the reclining angle with the use of a remote.
  • This eversion of massage device is carefully manufactured with rollers that are specifically intended to massage the back but not the head. On the other hand, the rollers equipped on it go round in the same location and merely not up and down.

The maximum height recommended for this model is 6.1 feet. The foot rest extends for people with above average height. Meanwhile the recommended maximum weight is roughly 400 lbs.

Once this model is purchased, you will be provided with 3-year warranty. Its upholstery is manufactured using PU leather. It is available in black color.

What is more, it is quite easy to set up. There is an exhaustive manual for you to use and it also includes an instructional video showing how to properly assemble it.The setting up process isn’t time-consuming at all for it only takes less than an hour and from there you can start enjoying a relaxing massage session.

LuracoiRobotics 7 Massage Chair

A Good Choice?

This model is a highly-lauded medical massage chair that is manufactured, assembled and developed in the United States. Hence, it is capable of providing various consumers who have different heights and weight and even body types. Even if your height is taller than six feet and you weight around 300 lbs. this model will function well for you.

In addition to this, it is considered as one of the most reliable massage devices for people with above average height because it is engineered with 5 distinct memory settings for users and it is meticulously designed with 5 levels of multi-sectional 3D sets.

What’s more interesting about this version is that it could be easily altered to soft or intense as you wish. Furthermore, it consolidates a precise automatic body shape detection which could provide a 3D robotic type of massage experience. This is ideal for neck and lower back massage.

It is equipped with calf and 3-layer foot massage, foot pad that’s removable, exhaustive body heat, body swivel, sole massage that comes with double rollers and twist stretching. In the same way, it offers a very relaxing acupuncture point type of massages; it comes with all massage touch surfaces for the feet, shoulders, head and arms and designed with seat swivel that is made of 100% authentic leather.

This massage device also comes with a zero gravity and nine automatic customizable programs that certainly make it the most distinguished massage device for people with above average height.

What are the important specifications of this type of massage chair?

This chair’s maximum height is six feet seven inches and the maximum weight is roughly 300 lbs. once purchased, you will be backed up with 5-year warranty. Meanwhile, its upholstery is available in chocolate brown, cream and black and is especially made using high quality authentic leather.

What makes this model a good buy?

This chair comes with automatic body shape detection and its adjustments provide superior experience for someone who has larger built. Aside from this, it is equipped with MP3 music player and various programs that you could pick from for you to take pleasure in a soothing massage. Its zero gravity feature enables neutral body posture and is especially helpful at adjusting or reclining particularly for people with above average height. As you can see, this aids in relaxation as well as in boosting circulation of the blood.

Moreover, it is designed with UL, CE and FDA listing making it safe equipment to use. It is equipped with reflexology and acupuncture diagrams for a much more effortless operation and use. One of the reasons why it is a great option for a massage device is that it comes with a human voice response that is available in a total of 7 different languages. So, that makes it a much customized product to invest and it gives you the feeling of being connected.

This chair is a bit heavy and weighs approximately 280 lbs. that said, it surely requires a larger location for assembly. This means that if you have limited space, it wouldn’t be a perfect option for you. Likewise, when it comes to setting it up, professional assistance is necessary.

By happy chance, a big and tall person does not need to feel anxious about not obtaining a soothing massage device for his or her body type. The reality is that there is almost a massage chair model for each individual out there no matter how tall or heavy you are.

It is highly advised that when making the purchase for any massage device, see to it that you cautiously check the chair’s dimensions with your size and weight – this is seriously a very strict factor to ponder on if you have above average height.

There are a plenty of massage device options available on the market nowadays. The options are actually too overwhelming. With lots of amazing features and functions, choosing the one for you may be very challenging. If you have some special conditions that you need to consider when buying a massage device, it is self-assuring conducting a research first so that you can ensure that such special conditions were properly thought of. Of course, you wouldn’t want to have any regret later on.